1. Listening

A good creative process comes from a first knowledge-based stage: the dialogue between the agency and customer is based on extreme listening skills and curiosity for the smallest details that are all potentially useful for the realization of an effective project.

2. Researching

After learning all the details of customer’s activity, the plus and minus, it’s important to analyze the world around him, the market where he moves, his competitors, his current and potential customers, finally his goals. This meticulous stage of research represents the pillar of Solid’s work, allowing to work on concrete foundations.

3. Analysis

All informations, taken and collected during the stage of research, are assimilated and shared by the team in order to highlight  the problems and solutions useful for the project. The project guidelines can be identified only after this first important step.

4. Planning

The main scope of this phase is to establish goals, the instruments to be used and the media to be produced in order to meet the needs and expectations of the customer, as well as finding the right timing for the proper development of the project.

5. Design

Speaking with simplicity, clarity, originality and a touch of irony, highlighting what is offered, emphasizing the qualities that competitors do not: this is what the notice needs to and what Solid has done, thanks to the skills and simplicity of its creatives in which the process is developed through particular meticulous research and study that is the basis of each proposal.

6. Management

The communication is based on a solid idea, designed to remain for a long time, to create an identity and develop a path that is able to follow the brand, maintaining a coherence that will evolve and grow with the business.

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