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It’s the oldest advertising medium and so the most used instrument, but it must be used in the best way possible with the right resources and tools. A good advertising campaign can increase the visibility and the perception of a brand and assign values that alone couldn’t be able to communicate: it may be a new world where there is a new brand (campaign launch); it has to talk about itself and inspire curiosity and interest (campaign with a teaser), or can represent the same brand with different shades and different faces (multi-subject campaign). The means are many and all valid, but the key, that distinguishes a successful campaign from any other, is the message.

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the value we give to a symbol

Branding is a name, a symbol, a graphic or a combination of these elements. A company can be identified with this! Branding means to create a brand appropriate to customer needs, a clear simple logo that is able to carry forward all the company's values and to communicate them in an effective way. A designed brand, a visual identity built on individual needs, a coordinated clear picture, are the elements that show the quality and reliability of a company.

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media planning, press releases and organization of all tools to promote

Planning an event is a complex task! It consists of a coordination of many different professionals, such as press officers for a correct press release on the major newspapers printed and on-line, planning all suitable media to promote the event, from radio to television spots, as well as taking care of possible catering events, finally to coordinate all preparations and the proper progress of the entire event directly on location.

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the whole visual communication “on site”

Preparing, displaying and showing all the skills to highlight what you want. From designing a stand, to the realization of a store, to treatment of an exhibition show. It combines the visual communication skills with the architectural language, the use of colour with the use of light, moreover the three-dimensional and two dimensional spaces.

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everything is digital, video, music, interactions!

Today a digital communication has unlimited expressions chances and unlimited features to get excited and involve the user by using unique visual and sound elements. Multimedia means to study a storyboard in detail to ensure the most expressive result in a short time, to find the right tools to represent the best possible story, a brand, a 3D product but not only; there are also stop-motion, blue screen, outdoor shoots and illustrations. Multimedia is also sound design, in fact it’s possible to communicate visually and with audio too; so it represents the way to create new visual, sound, multimedia, interactive world.

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names designed and chosen to give strength to brands and products

Finding the name of a company is a complex task because it requires a deep study of market competitors and a retrospective research in order to make sure that the identified name is original and unique. Each name chosen is a well defined image with a proper sense, its history and its destiny. For this reason the choice of a name for a professional, as a public body or an industrial product, is the result of a strategic marketing regarding the quality of the object, to be named, and its possible use in the context established.

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we turn the package into business card of the product

Packaging plays a major role in the identity of a product, because it contains all necessary information and is often the only instrument of success in the market, so representing an important means for the commercial success. Designing a package means putting together many different skills, to make buying a time to remember and to highlight the features of a product since its care. Solid follows this process from the visual design of the content to the planning of the correct tools required for the realization of the project, considering the economic aspects of production and trying to get a visually unique, and economically competitive result.

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grids, alignments and others, everything will be on paper

The design of a paginated print is a complex work that subjects to strict rules. Since the establishment of a corporate brochure, a leaflet or a publication is of paramount importance to know and correctly apply all the rules designed for correct visual reading of a tool that can represent the most functional communication weapon of a company.

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carry on business in the first page.

SEO means all those activities designed to increase the volume of the traffic a website receives from search engines. These activities include the optimization of both the CSS code, or textual content, thanks to the definition, study and search for keywords which are particularly sought after in the interior. The optimization is part of a more complex task, such as the marketing of search engines. The activities of search engine optimization techniques including several operations performed on the HTML pages and content of the website. The optimization of a site is functional to its positioning in the response pages of the search engines, which in turn is functional to the visibility of the products / services sold.

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simplicity and directness to indicate the correct direction

Putting at ease the custom, giving him all the necessary information to enable him to orient himself correctly in an environment. The signage isn’t an advertising tool but a basic service that enables the correct use of an environment. A correct and not invasive sign is also able to offer a complete experience of a place. It’s important to give the necessary information without oppressing the visitor.

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type design

the font we designed

The design of the typeface is a millenarian activity, but the typeface - font - no longer appears merely as the first element to compose writing reproduced on paper, but is now, in tandem with the acceleration of the flow of communication, pervasive and ubiquitous. Solid puts it at the center of major branding projects, creating ad hoc unique and innovative fonts.

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all customers who have placed online.

The web is a new world, with totally different communication rules from reality; an effective website has to respect these rules and must distinguish itself from the infinity sites offered by the web. The correct visual interface planning, related to a proper CSS and HTML development, represents the front-end of a website and is the first step to get a good view but this is not enough. The website must be able to ensure proper management and strategic update of all contents, both textual and photographic, to intrigue and capture the attention of the target identified by a clear and functional back-end management.

looking at all projects within this service.

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