Communicating is what Solid makes, by analysing every single issue, and all possible feedbacks from whom receives the communication

The main feature of our job is the combination of creativity and being concrete: our ideas are the result of instinct and creativity and also hard work with research and analysis, based on a careful and professional methodology.

The aim and goal of Solid is to promote and to make your business grow in the best way and by all the needed means. Each customer has a unique story, with its plus and minus, with features to be highlighted and the ones to be improved.

Solid is a creative consulting agency, that always gets the desired results by analyzing and sharing chooses and possibilities with the customers and partners, with a continuous comparison always focused on mutual interests.

Simplicity is the most complicated thing to be reached and we can realize visual communication projects that work and give business answers, only with effort and attention to details


make your
project unique