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The U.S. client had the need for a new naming and a new brand that communicated to own their customers, mainly from the United States and Brazil, the nature of the new company: a tour operator with medium/high level of services with tours available in all Italy.
To emphasize the belonging to Italy in an innovative and unconventional way was another key point. Moreover, the new naming, had to have necessarily available in the pure domains .com and .it.

The solution proposed for the new naming is clear and easy to understand: kiss from Italy, that is a “kiss from Italy,” which in a few words clarifies unequivocally the mission, remarking the romantic and friendly nature, like a friend, that when he goes on holiday in Italy, sends a postcard of the places he is visiting.
Also the visual identity is based on the iconography of postcards with stamps and postal franking, unique and easily recognizable signs.

Moreover, Solid has also created the concept design for the homepage of the site, expanding and strengthening the basic idea of the visual identity.

Kissfromitaly is now an established reality in the panorama of international tour operators, affirming its presence in the American market and expanding itself in the Russian and Japanese market.

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