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The city of Genova launched an international contest for the design of the brand, to promote the tourism in the area.

Genova is a crossroad of population and cultures, a port city full of exchange and contrasts. Genova is a melting pot of sign and emotions. A city where you can lost yourself emotionally, falling in love whit it.

Lose yourself to discover a city full of hidden treasures and striking alleys. “Lose yourself” like the positive concept of let yourself go, of the unexpected surprise, of the unforeseen wonder.
Lose yourself in music, lose yourself in the food, lose yourself in Genova. Lost in Genova.

The objective to elevate the level of the identity in direction of more prestigious international capital cities (for example IAMsterdam, be berlin, your Singapore, know Canada), defined the choice of a system that integrated the pay off in the name, without a smooth transition.
Prefix the concept identified to the name of the city, completes and strengths the structure of the identity of the touristic brand “lost in genova”, differentiating it from the name of the city.
This solution proposes the fusion of something of touchable, like a real place, with something of abstract, like an action, rendering the verb an essential part of the identity, stealing it forever from the common language.

The graphic solution proposed take inspiration from the international language of the nautical flags, tipical and well-estabilished element of all harbor cities in the world and also of the story of maritime Republic of Genova.
The word Genova is translate through the symbol code, taking the only formal synthesis that connotes it, to explain it with a hot and Mediterranean color palette, typical of the coast and of “carrugi”, peculiar buildings in Genova.

Moreover, the dynamic use, apparently casual, of the signs of the brand in the identity, represents, in a conceptual way, the different cultures and the many stories that intertwine and overlap themselves in Genova. Genova is a not linear city full of contradictions, which become the strength and soul of it. In Genova you have to get lost to find yourself.

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