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The city of Bologna launched an international contest for the design of the brand, in order to promote the tourism in the city.

The solution proposed represents the real essence of Bologna, a city not centralized on a symbol-monument, but a city that shows itself through the set of its architectural and socio-cultural peculiarities. Also the identity is not represented by a single symbol, but by a system of elements that emphasizes this feature. So we extrapolated and standardized the different elements, designing a new font: BoloType, the DNA of the city.
The font is composed of three groups of glyphs: letters, the basic elements of the system and pictograms. Bolotype finds its greatest symbolism in the logotype “bologna”, representing a real architectural imaginary postcard: the two towers, only vertical elements of the city and the logo, and the porticos, a true symbol of horizontal socio-cultural connection.
The graphic symbols that represent the vaults of the porticos, as well as in reality, connect the different lived experiences.
Everyone can tell or identify its own history through the pictograms, which are obtained, such as ligatures, by entering a predetermined sequences of letters. Bolotype, therefore, allows you to tell your own Bologna through an alphabet not only lexical, but also through a visual alphabet. The essence of Bologna without “bologna”.
The identified pay-off has a double interpretation. The first, most immediate, gives a temporal dimension to the city that to be experienced completely must be discovered in several occasions. The second, more sophisticated, fully merges with the visual system, emphasizing the typical architectural dimension of Bologna and the different experiences that you can live under each architectural vault. Notice: in Italian the translation of the word vault, “volta”, has the same meaning of the word “time”.

Were presented more than 500 projects from around the world. Our project was awarded among the finalist. It was made an exhibition in Bologna, at the Sala Borsa, where all the submitted and awarded proposals had been exposed.


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